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Carrie Bradshaw writing
I wish I had her life!

I’m a writer, so I’m happy to consider commissions which you might think I’d be suitable for. If you’re looking for a sparklingly written beauty story, a humorous take on motherhood and parenting or any other lifestyle related copy, I can do that! I’m a fine copywriter and a pretty mean (in a good way) PR. Apart from writing and PR, I’ve got masses of experience in sourcing real life case studies for real life features and styling beauty and hair shoots.

Being an old fashioned kinda girl, I like to keep my work cuttings from magazines in a beautiful, leather bound portfolio. Unfortunately and heartbreakingly, I recently had my lifetime’s cuttings stolen from my car along with my laptop. Blurgh! So, although I haven’t got many pieces of my writing to showcase on my blog – there are a few online pieces below and my latest features for Essentials and Woman – I hope this won’t put you off thinking of me if you’re looking for a writer. If you’re still not sure, I am more than willing to guide you in the direction of many magazine writers and editors who have worked with me over the years and who will vouch for my fabulousness as a hard working, efficient, dead-line hitting features writer with impeccable grammar and a nice line in punchy titles.

I think I’ve bigged myself up enough now, so I’ll let my blog do the talking…hope you enjoy it!

You can contact me for possible review of products and services, to ask my advice or to commission me (please!) on or use the form below…

Essentials June 2013

Woman Feb 2013 (3)

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