Once Upon a Time, I was a glamorous beauty editor and successful women’s magazine writer specialising in beauty, parenting, fitness and wellbeing. I enjoyed attending swanky press dos and press trips abroad and delighted in receiving daily parcels of finger-dipping, sparkly makeup. I was young, shiny and optimistic…

Then there was a break during which I brought up three kids, helped husband expand his business, renovated two homes, dabbled in property developing – quite successfully (I was on Homes Under the Hammer!) and…

Now, I’ve only rather recently discovered the joys of blogging and as it’s ignited my passion for writing and my youngest has just started secondary school, I feel it is time to shake of those shackles, get fit, fab and out there. In my blog, you can read all about my adventures which may include some of the following:

Trying to resurrect my writing career, dealing with the Stressed Husband and Writeonmum Kids, doing up our new house and most importantly, ways and means of keeping sane and game at 40 plus!

C’mon Sing Along!


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I loved your photo of Troy on your blog, he looks absolutely gorgeous!

    I am currently working on a campaign at the moment, which would be great to discuss with you further, so if you have a moment please drop me a line.

    Many thanks and kind regards,


    1. Hi aconfusedtakethatfan! Welcome to my blog. Thanks for having a look at leaving comments. How exciting – I’m a Take That fan too! Love them and go to their concerts and went to see Gary at the Albert Hall a few months back – tremendous! 🙂
      I worked on Cosmo many moons ago, was beauty ed on Woman’s Own about 16 years ago and after that freelance for various women’s mags. Where did you work?

    1. Thanks Lizzie! Just writing for the fun of it really although I’d love to do some more feature stuff but need to get my act together! Life is hectic but fun as yours seems too! Take care honey. xx

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