A Stylish Summer Garden

image: frommoontomoon.blogspot.co.uk
image: frommoontomoon.blogspot.co.uk

Flicking through glossy magazines and coveting the lifestyle of the uber glam women showing off their shiny homes, shiny hair and shiny kids is one of my favourite past times. It’s not that I don’t love my messy home, messy hair (actually, not much love lost there) and messy kids – I do. I just wish my life was a little bit more sleek and ‘advert worthy’ and a little less chaotic. But at the end of the day, I suppose  I’m all for ‘keeping it real’  and I know that real life means nobody or nothing is perfect:  *shouts*: Yep, Elle Mcpherson and Gwynie Paltrow – you heard me! You look rough in the morning too and there are crumbs under your sofa!! What? There’s not? Oh…*rolls neck back in*

Still, on the theme of bringing a little glossiness into my life – I’ve decided that I’m starting with my garden and hope that my ideas to pretty things up a little in the garden will lead to a prettier life in general.

There’s no point in having sunshine like we’ve had recently (come back, I beg you!) if you can’t use it as an excuse to open a little pink fizzy and relax in the garden and make the most of it. We’ve enjoyed quite a few garden gatherings recently and candles and fairy lights really help make things look a lot nicer than normal. Let’s not think about what it looks like the next day with the empty bottles, left over food etc…

candles at night time

And if you’re going for a daytime entertainment, it’s easy to make things look great with a lovely tablecloth and a few bowls or jam jars filled with flowers – simple yet stunning.


I’ll never have green fingers and that’s why we’ve gone for a paved garden. It’s fabulously low-maintenance (great if you’re a little bit lazy, like moi) plus it’s easier to pick up those doggy deposits! But it doesn’t mean a patio can’t look just as pretty as a grassy area. I’ve come across this fab website that has inspired me to try a spot of garden DIY (for those who know me: stop laughing. I can try!) And I’ll report back with any successful attempt.

What do you love/loathe about your garden and what would your dream garden look like?

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