This Week’s Wonders

After a particularly hectic week, it’s good to take stock at the weekend and see that there were actually a few shining moments among the mayhem. Here are a few pictures of the things that made my whirlwind of a week worth it…

magic moments

There was Little Angel and her Tom and Jerry cakes that cheered me up just when I was craving something sweet but thought we had nothing in the cupboards to satisfy my sweet tooth | The Absolutely Chiswick magazine which showcased some of the PR for a client that I’ve been working so hard on lately – and gave me confidence that I’m doing something right at a new job | The swans in Chiswick House that are so serene and graceful that watching them for just a few seconds slows down a racing heartbeat | My big dog Troy cuddling his little soft toy, Pinky. Over his almost 4 years with us, he has chewed to pieces ‘indestructible’ dog toys, shoes, remote controls, books and more, yet his little, flimsy Pinky has got by with just lots of slobber and a chewed ear. He truly loves his little friend | Next is my very own Cinderella: Queen Teen has finally got proof from interested agents and casting directors that her years of hard work and training in musical theatre, is definitely paying off – watch this space! | Finally, a simple bouquet of yellow roses given to me by Little Angel – she didn’t forget it was Valentine’s day, unlike somebody’s Stressed Husband. What a lovely week after all!


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