Rise of the CC Cream

cream title pic

Remember the big hoo-haa about BB creams last year? I joined in too here, loving the light coverage and hint of a tint from my ‘make-up bestie’ Garnier BB Cream. Throughout the spring and summer it was just enough with the addition of a little concealer, then as winter descended, I blended it with a higher coverage foundation to keep my skin moisturised and protected from the harsh weather.

Well, guess what ladies? Good news is a-coming and it’s time for those baby BB creams to move on over and allow the new and improved, darling of the dream cream team take centre stage – “Taaa-daaaah!”

It’s the new CC Cream. I haven’t tried it yet (it’s on my to buy list – at the top) but as far as makeup artists and beauty aficionados are concerned, it is the Must Have for your make-up bag and the Need to Have for your complexion. Let me show you how excited I am…


I heard a rumour that CC cream was imminent and now, thanks to @GossBeautyStyle on Twitter I’m pleased to find out that the makers of global best selling beauty brand, Rodial have bought out a CC Cream in their reasonably priced Nip + Fab range. It’s the first of its kind to hit the UK stores but a quick trip to Boots shows that L’Oreal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream, £9.99, is hot on its heels and a luxe Chanel version is about to touch down any day now.

Nip and FAB CC Cream

Any male readers may have given up reading this post now they’ve realised that BB and CC doesn’t stand for bra cup sizes – but for those of you still following, you might be interested to know that CC stands for Complete Corrective cream and beauty experts say it delivers more skin nourishing benefits than a BB, as well as more coverage and a higher SPF of 30.

Check out the YouTube clip below featuring application of CC cream to see what you think.

In this video, the young-enough-to-be-my-daughter model has skin to die for even prior to any makeup application but on hearing the make-up artist utter the words ‘young, fresh, glowy skin’ was enough to make me whip out my  CC (credit card!). I may be a sucker for a bit of beauty baloney, but I definitely want to give this a go. Will you try it – or do you think it might be possible that we’ll be forking out for a DD cream next year?


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