Street Party Paradise

Wow. What a whir of a weekend and the Bank Holiday isn’t even over yet! Went to an amazing street party with fabulous friends and really got into the whole Cool Britannia theme with painted nails, glitzy GB transfers, Union Jack deely boppers and flip flops.

We ate red, white and blue fare, drank red vodka jellies, wiggled our hips to Zumba in the street while the kids met up with friends and played happily ‘a la childhood 1970s’ – in and out of each other’s houses and in the church gardens. As evening descended, we went to a friend’s house, drank more vodka jellies and boogied to the Best of British sounds – Wham!

One of the things I love most about where I live is that we don’t really need an excuse for a street party – what with our wonderful local bar and eaterie, you’ll often find an impromptu party going on as friends and residents spill out onto the pavement on a sunny, summer evening. Actually, it doesn’t even have to be summer – our Halloween evening shin digs in the W4 streets are so popular that the adults look forward to trick or treating as much – or even more –  than the kids. In fact, parents in-the-know, take their little goblins trick or treating straight after school to be sure there are people in because most mummy and daddy wizards and witches can be found holding their own monster mash outside the local by 6pm.

I am proud to be British and this Queen’s Diamond Jubilee weekend has only enforced that but what I am even more grateful for, is the excuse to party and celebrate with fantastic friends and family in a community that embraces everyone no matter what race, colour or creed. Watching the children making new friends and the adults mingling and getting to know their neighbours, I’m aware that we are making happy memories that will last forever – and that’s something to celebrate!

Happy Jubilee Holiday to you all!



One thought on “Street Party Paradise

  1. We’re proud to be British too. What a welcoming bunch of people we are! Had a fantastic weekend at our street party. Met fantastic people that will become firm friends. Had a ball!

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