A Fresh Start


Chaos reigns supreme in my house. From my bulging handbag full of sweet wrappers, tissues, old lipglosses and crumbs to my Jenga style in-tray – I’m too scared to pick a letter off it just incase the whole lot topples over! Clutter is everywhere. I can’t see what books I have on my shelves anymore because obscuring them is ‘tat’ like broken TV controls, a bottle of moisturiser, a tin of quality street containing more tat…you get the picture. There isn’t a home for everything in my house, there’s just a ‘tat mountain’ that keeps on growing.


When I move into my new house, in the words of Little Angel, everything will be ‘fresh’. And so I am determined to keep everything neat and tidy and make sure everything will be – and stay – in its rightful place. So determined am I that I’ve began to fervently scour clutter busting options on line – and blimey, there really is a storage solution for everything isn’t there? My Nanny Ciss who tried in vain to teach me to be tidier, would giggle in her grave if she heard me say what’s coming next but I’m loving the Lakeland website!  It’s just so foxy and seductive with its adjectives like dust-proof, slimline and stackable… It really makes me believe that if I buy these things I will automatically become Domestic Goddess 2012.

In reality, my Lakeland buys will probably wind up shoved in a cupboard underneath a selection of mismatched shoes and too small coats. But I hope not.

Here’s my first buy in the hope of keeping tidy Brit Style

Have you got any favourite storage solutions or tips on keeping your house clutter free? If so, feel free to share them with me!


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

    1. Hi Honest Mum, thanks for dropping by my blog! I totally agree with your comment. I’m looking forward to starting from scratch, getting it all neat etc…but I know we’ll be back to clutter city within a month or two! x

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