My Happy Pills


Do you remember the film Pollyanna? The1960 Disney movie adaptation of the best selling 1913 children’s novel by Eleanor H Porter, told the story of an impossibly upbeat child (played by the lovely Hayley Mills) with a remarkable – or some might say, unfeasible – optimistic outlook. For instance, if you told Pollyanna her arm was falling off she’d say something like “Why, thank you for drawing my attention to that my sweetheart, but please, I’d hate for you to worry about me, I’ll be fine – look, see! I have another perfectly good arm. Everything will be absolutely fine!” Yeah, yeah. I loved the story when I was a little girl as I thought it took big ones to be happy in the face of adversity and to keep your pecker up – so to speak – when things were looking down.

Some might say I have a touch of the Pollyanna’s about me. I am a naturally perky, smiley person, I suppose, and I do like to look on the bright side of life, but flipping hell, this run of gloomy weather has really tested my mood. I know there are a lot worse things happening in the world than a few (few!?) grey, rainy days, but I’ve discovered – and so has my poor suffering family -that I’m obviously prone to a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder, S.A.D.  Put it this way, I’ve seen Stressed Husband tremble with fear as a dark cloud rolls over the sun – not fear of how much money he could lose on jobs if he has to shut his building sites down due to rain – oh no – fear of what might lay in store for him as my mood quickly turns like the weather from bright to black…

But…. and here is the good news. Yep, in true Pollyanna style, I’ve discovered a few things that help cheer me up when I’m feeling down and I think they’ll see me through the worst of this vile weather. I call them my Happy Pills…

ZUMBA – I can guarantee that if I start a Zumba class feeling ready to do damage to the next person that even looks in my general direction, by the end of it, the cheesy Latino tunes and bouncy, shake-your-booty dance moves will have worked their magic. And just like that famous beer advert, Zumba sends those feel good endorphins rushing through my body refreshing the parts (my miserable brain) that other exercise classes just can’t reach.

The Real Housewives of Orange County – If it’s possible to have a crush on a TV programme, then this is my crush. It may be shallow and tacky but sometimes my brain  just cries out for a quick shot of escapism – a quick fix of saccharine sweetness that gives me glamour, gossip, fashion, beauty, botox, great bodies, bitching, friendship, love and best of all SUNSHINE! It’s so good I blogged it twice.

Chocolate and Wine – Who doesn’t feel just a bit better when their gob is crammed with creamy, dreamy, milk chocolate? I try not to do the guilt thing afterwards where you think about how many calories you’ve just consumed and then feel even worse before you ate it. No, I enjoy the moment and tell myself my body ‘needed’ it. And wine? Well, if it’s pink and bubbly then even better but a lovely glass of wine once the day’s work is done can be a real pick me up – as long as I don’t drink too much and then it’s a lay me down!

Friends and Family – Sharing funny emails/texts and having good nights out with friends and family – people who you know really care about you – has a way of making you realise that even when the skies are grey and you’re feeling a bit poo, you really should take a leaf out of Monty Python’s book and look on The Bright Side of Life…

Cuddling my dog and online shopping are also a couple of my favourite mood lifters – what are your Happy Pills?


6 thoughts on “My Happy Pills

  1. I had the Pollyanna book but never got to the end of it. She drove me insane. Definitely not one for “the glad game”, me. But your summary of it has cheered me up!
    My “happy pills” are cheesecake and silliness, particularly stupid pastiches and puns. A very, very silly cheesecake (maybe with a Monty Python face and called “John Cleesecake”) would be my idea of heaven.

    1. Yes, shopping is good, that’s for sure. Btw, those Monsoon harem pants are gorgeous! Thanks for the style tip! I was going to tweet you a pic of me wearing them but need to iron them first and well…it’ll be a while! x

    1. Oh yes! I love Mad Men too! January Jones’ character is fabulous and Don Draper – well, drool! x

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