Celebration Time!

I’ve been off the blogsphere for a few weeks due to a manic schedule of work, new home renovations, the old Pearly King and Queen of Malaga (nan and grandad) descending on our home again, a holiday in Turkey (what holiday? I need another!) and the Celebration of the Year – Mean Teen’s 18th!

Forget the blooming Diamond Jubilee, the stress I was under at organising Mean Teen’s party and getting the perfect presents has left me a quivering wreck. I reckon taking on Your Maj’s Jubilee shindig would be a doddle in comparison. But, really, it was my own fault. I spent too much of my time, money and sanity making sure Teen Queen (her new moniker as she isn’t really Mean anymore!) had things just right, but you know what? It was worth it to watch my big girl’s face as I surprised her with a trip to the amazing Long Bar at the Sanderson Hotel

Teen Queen had her first birthday drink – and was nearly legal at last! No faffing around for fake IDs anymore and lectures from me because I didn’t touch a drop until I was 18 (ahem…)

And on the day of her birthday, Stressed Husband did her proud while bleeding his bank account dry as he took her on a shopping spree…

And that evening a few friends and family celebrated with her at the gorgeously girly Butterfly Bar at Itsu in Notting Hill…

It seems incredible to think that I’m old enough now to be a mum to an 18 year old and even more incredible that I don’t get a gasp of “No! You can’t be, you don’t look old enough!” When I tell people I have an 18 year old!

But now the party is over and the pink and silver bunting  and deflated balloons are hanging tiredly from the kitchen cupboards – just like the bags under my eyes and Stressed Husband’s empty wallet – and as I look around at the gorgeous gifts Teen Queen received, it makes me smile inside that,  just like the baby she was that preferred to play with the box rather than the expensive present inside, her favourite presents are these…

Every diva’s favourite diva and…

A thermos so she can have a hot cup of coffee to perk her up on her way to college!

Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl! xx


3 thoughts on “Celebration Time!

    1. Thank you! She is rather lovely I must admit. I’d love her party for myself too. I’m so exhausted now it’s ridiculous. Think the copious amounts of bubbles didn’t help me though! x

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