Beauty for Lazy Cows…Like Me (Part 2)


Hit that snooze button ladies and have a few more zzzz’s because these little beauties are the lazy girls best friend…

Swift lips: I am such a slob that nowadays I rarely apply ‘real’ lipstick because precise application takes a bit of time and effort – unless you don’t mind looking like Baby Jane or a weird old bag lady.

I prefer the easy option (no kidding?) of a slick of gloss, lip balm or my new favourite lip pencils which shape and colour in one. Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Colour Balm,£16, with lip softening ingredients is my must-have. It comes in a wearable range of colours and is such a breeze to use, it’s right up Lazy Lane.

Hurry up Hair: Remember the days of sprinkling talc along your roots before the school bell rang to try and mop up the grease? You  might have got away with it if you were very blonde, but for the darker haired among us, it didn’t matter how much you rubbed at your hair, you still looked like you dipped your head in a bag of flour or walked through cobwebs on your way to school. But nowadays there’s a whole host of spray in hair refreshers for all shades and they do the trick of hiding unwashed hair perfectly. I’ve tried them all but my absolute number one is Batiste Dry Shampoo, from £1.52. I have one in every room of the house, for my like-minded, lazy kids. I love that it also gives your hair a bit of body and smells great too.

Over my past 2 blog posts, I’ve uncovered my top products to get you looking fit fast, but I didn’t want to leave out those fabulous finds that may take a while to achieve results but which, in the long run, are big beauty time savers, so here they are:

Super Shellac: This is a god-send for those of us who are crap at keeping our nails looking groomed but want them to look like as if we bother enough to care (Friend: “ooh, your nails are lovely, you must spend ages on them?” You: Swish your hair back and sniff “Erm, no, not really”) A fortnightly visit to the beauty salon will ensure that for the next couple of weeks you can forget about your nails because this gel based polish treatment, around £20, will keep them chip free and gloriously shiny.

Hair Away: I think waxing is great because, eventually, hair growth slows down and you need it done less and less, thus saving time in the long run. But, I never get around to making the waxing appointment (I’m a chicken) so I really like Veet Minimising Body Moisturiser, £5.25, which keeps skin hydrated and slows down hair growth.

So, there you have it – there really is no excuse for looking dishevelled and less than gorgeous if you know which products can get you from drab to fab in the morning. Go get ’em girls!


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