New Year, New Home

I started the New Year in a state of excitement  (actually, after getting in at 3.3am from a party of non-stop dancing, non-stop champagne quaffing, I actually started the New Year in a state) but that aside, after an extra large glass of ice-cold orange juice and an egg and bacon sarnie, I felt a bit better and the excitement began to bubble (along with my guts – but I won’t go into details about that). So, although I have been quiet on the blogging front for a few months, all has certainly not been quite in the Writeonmum household. No siree.

Me and Stressed Husband visited a few more property auctions with the idea of repeating what we did earlier in year: buying a flat, doing it up and selling it on. However, maybe it was fate, or maybe our hearts just weren’t really in it, but we got outbid on every property we went for and we weren’t prepared to up the ante. The savings we had to buy a flat as a project were slowly being used up on other things (holidays, children, shoes…) and that was one thing we said we must not do. ‘WE MUST NOT TOUCH OUR SAVINGS’ was the mantra we both used as we flicked through holiday websites and read about the latest ‘must try’ restaurant with heavenly food at blood sucking prices…But try as we might (and we are both a bit pathetic when it comes to being good with money – it’s just so much more fun to spend than save) the money began to dwindle and we began to panic.

That’s why we were so relieved and happy when our offer was accepted on a 3 bed property in my ideal location that, with a lot of work (and a lot of money) will be, I hope, the ideal family home for me, SH and our brood. So, we are going to get out of our rented place and into our own cosy home.

So, we hope to exchange and complete by the end of January and start work on it straight away…can’t wait to see the transformation and let you know all about the trials and tribulations of Project Home Sweet Home along the way!!


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Home

    1. Thank you! It is lovely but very run down so lots of hard work to come. Hopefully, we’ll be exchanging and completing next week. Fingers crossed!

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