The BIG Reveal

The time had come for the Homes Under the Hammer team to revisit the crumbling wreck of a flat that we’d spent months working on. It was to be the ‘big reveal’ they said.  But the problem was, we hadn’t quite finished the flat to fruit bowls and puffy cushion standard – we were still at the snagging and dust sweeping stage,  but the team insisted it would be fine. I just felt that all the reveal would reveal was that it wasn’t finished yet. But when they arrived at the flat, even though the director did look a bit worried (she ordered the runner to pop to the corner shop to get some Mr Muscle Spray and dust cloths) she was sure that with the wide angled lens and magic hokery pokery technology available, the flat would look swish and sparkling when they were done. Hmmmm…I’m not so sure.

Now that’s it’s almost all over, do I still feel negative about carrying on the property developing business? Well, not really. We got a full asking price offer last week – from a cash buyer! So we are in the process of selling and I’ve just started looking for our next property. I’ve learnt so much from this – Project Learning Curve – that I’m looking forward to the next one. I shall call it Project Number Twos as I’m sure there’ll be a lot of that hitting the fan throughout the development!


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