To Buy or Not to Buy?

Way back in winter, I was so excited about the Developing Business that I started with Stressed Husband – especially when we got filmed by Homes Under the Hammer. I knew from other developers and watching tons of home improvement TV, that developing a property isn’t for the feint hearted; it takes commitment, hard graft and nerves of steel to cope with delays, rot and work shy builders. That is why I’m thinking that my first project – which I named Learning Curve – could actually be my last…

We planned to have our auction bought flat converted into a two bed and sold by now and hoped to pocket a tidy little profit. But, due to the fact that our solicitor failed to notice that the loft space wasn’t demised to our flat (we are the top floor – and the only ones who have access to it!) we have had to dip into our savings to buy the loft. Arrghh! But, looking on the bright side – our builder is doing a grand job and is working really hard to get the job finished, albeit 3 months later than originally planned.

We may make a little profit, or even come out even, but since I’ve just got some regular freelance copywriting, it’s been really difficult to juggle everything: kids, flat, my home, new job, dog, Stressed Husband etc…The juggling, plus the fact that I’m getting fed up of renting (I want my own kitchen!!!) is making me feel like perhaps it’s time to knock this developing on the head, go get a mortgage again and a real family home. And concentrate on my writing career instead. Is it time to squash my inner Sarah Beeny, wave goodbye to the Kirsty Allsop within?

We’ll see…


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