Procrastinating Property Diva – That’s ME!

Oh dear. How many months ago did I excitedly write about my auction buy – my little development opportunity? Bloody loadsa months ago, that’s how many. So, what’s happened since? Blurgh has happened…

 I suppose I should’ve been expecting it, but I thought hold ups and problems came once the work commenced, not before. Silly, naive little me. No, what happened was that we found out (through enquiring about possibly buying the freehold to the flat) that we didn’t actually own the loft space to the first floor flat that we bought…WHAT?! Yep, two days before Christmas and after having got a start date from our builder to start on the loft conversion. Of course, we called our solicitor and asked him if he’d known. “Oh yes…I just assumed you knew too” he replied twattily. Cuh! We didn’t pay a flipping solicitor to ‘assume’! And he knew that we were planning to carry out a loft conversion…doesn’t make sense. The little twerp felt a bit guilty (BIT?!) and said he’d carry out the sale of the flat for no fee. Bloody right he will.

Deep breath…so anyway, we have had to wait until now to have a valuation done on the loft – which we have to purchase – those money signs are swept well and truly from our eyes. With the delay and the money to fork out for the loft space, we don’t expect a great return once the flat sells. But at least it’s given Homes Under The Hammer a good story and they keep phoning in for weekly updates – they sound very concerned about our plight, but I’m sure they are secretly glad that our misfortune will serve as a lesson to other viewers planning to buy in auction. I’m not looking forward to being humiliated on screen, so I do hope we can claw back some comfort with at least a bit of profit – or breaking even at least.

Building starts on Monday at last! And while I’ve been waiting, I’ve been looking around at other property blogs and have come across this gem from Sian, a Manchester based ‘lady builder.

Sian sounds lovely and her work is so inspirational to somebody like me, who, despite this humongous property hiccup, would like to give this developing lark a go…if I can handle the stress and the twirpy little solicitors I may meet along the way.

Here’s a few  pics of my first project, let’s call this one The Learning Curve!

The Welcome – hellllooo!                                                              



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