Bring on the Duvet Day!

Today has all the signs of becoming a perfect Duvet Day: damp, dark,  flurries of snow and sub zero temperature outside, fully stocked cupboards with chocolate biscuits, Quavers and bagels, my sniffles and sneezes are gathering momentum plus Little Angel has left her pink flowery duvet on the sofa (in a perfect-to-curl-up-in snuggly heap) after I shouted at her over breakfast to take it back upstairs. Forget the fact that she blatantly ignored my request, I shall take it as a sign…duvet day here I come!

Hmmm, feeling a bit guilty now. What will not be done today? Washing, ironing, filing the house bills (and paying them), filling in the re-mortgage application, Christmas shopping, a few work tasks, writing my novel (ha! since when?) So….nothing earth shattering that I guess can’t wait until tomorrow.

What’s that sound? Can you hear it? A tiny, muffled, little voice…it’s saying “come on, cuddle up, get yourself a cuppa and some biccies and come back to the sofa” Well, that’s sorted then, the duvet’s calling, got to go!


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