Sale completed…we have LIFT OFF!

Well, here goes… After a glorious few days in Dubai with Stressed Husband (and without the kids – yay!) I got an email from our solicitor as I stepped off the plane to say we have completed on our auction purchase and the tiny little, smelly, manky first floor flat in West London is finally ours. Okay, so I don’t make it sound like anything special – a des res it certainly isn’t – but I hope it soon will be.

After getting home and dishing out the kids pressies (fluffy camel for Little Angel, wobbly headed ceramic Arab for My Boy and Mac mascara for Mean Teen – not very in keeping with the Dubai theme but the coloured sand in a glass genie bottle that Stressed Hubby picked up for her would only have found its way smashed against a wall during one of our regular family spats anyway) I was chomping at the bit to get over to the flat and start ripping off wallpaper. Unfortunately, I was stopped in my tracks as hubby reminded me that we’ve got to wait for the Homes Under The Hammer team to get in there for the ‘before’ filming, which means it needs to look as yucky as possible so that the contrast with the ‘after’ filming will look more dramatic and impressive. So, I’ve got to wait a week until work can commence.

In the meantime, I’m thinking colours, statement walls, scouring through homes magazines and websites to find cheap but stylish fixtures and fittings and generally brewing up a belly full of excitement that I haven’t felt for yonks. So, any experienced D.I.Yers out there with a knack for turning a property from hovel to heavenly, I’d welcome your top tips!


3 thoughts on “Sale completed…we have LIFT OFF!

  1. This is so exciting!! How very very cool. And very timely for me as I just discovered Homes Under the Hammer this week.

    Cannot help you with tips I’m afraid. We’ve ventured only as far as minor redecorating. The minute you get into fixtures / knocking out walls / choosing tiles I am a hindrance, not a help.

  2. Thanks for your comment This Mid 30s Life – it’s amazing how many people I know who do watch Homes Under the Hammer! Seeing as you watch a little UK daytime TV, have you got into Jeremy Kyle yet? Ooh, now that’s really the sort of TV that snowy, duvet days were made for!

  3. I only get to watch daytime TV at the gym, which is half the reason why I go. I’m never there long enough to watch an entire show, but I do enjoy the bits I get to watch.

    OMG Jeremy Kyle. There are no words.

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