We Are Going Under The Hammer!

What a lot has happened since me and Stressed Husband started our new business venture…we had seen countless properties that we thought might add up to a good first buy for developing, but just as we were about to make an offer, there would always be something that crept out of the woodwork (literally I may add – ewww!) to wobble us off our Phil and Kirsty type tracks.

I began to think that we’d never find anywhere that was just right and that getting the little gem that was in a good location and needed renovating at a price that would earn us a profit was an impossible task – because even when we did find such a property, out jumped a million hungry property developers (just like those little wood weevils in the paragraph above, in fact) who were waiting in the shadows to out bid our offers. One estate agent told us that the new spate of property programmes were making every Tom, Dick and Sarah (Beeny) believe that they too could be a successful property entrepreneur. But then, happily, our luck changed…

After a lot of hard work –  tons of research and viewings on various properties in our Savills auction catalogue –  we went along on auction day armed with a little cash and a smidgen of confidence. The confidence was soon dashed when the first Lot went for thousands above the price we’d have gone to in order to make a profit. Then we came to my favourite property and my hands started to shake and my mouth went dry as after a slow start, the bids started flying across the auction room! I held my breath as the room quietened and the bidding was left to just Stressed Husband and another chap who looked far too cool and collected for my liking. He expertly and subtly twitched his eyebrows to indicate his bid  to the auctioneer while S H raised his rolled up catalogue (along with my blood pressure) getting nearer and nearer to the tip of our budget. But Mr Cool wasn’t giving in and neither was S H – eyebrows versus catalogues raising the bids in £500’s then going up in £1,000’s until eventually Mr Cool’s eyebrows simply stopped twitching and the auctioneer called out to the room “going once, going twice……….long pause for effect almost giving me enough time for a heart attack…… and gone for a 3rd time to the gentleman at the back who looks very pale” I turned and looked at S H and the colour had indeed drained from his face as he stopped just £1,000 short of our budget and we WON! Hooray!

As we left the auction room we were approached by a researcher who has asked us to appear in Homes Under the Hammer – how exciting! So, if you watch it, keep your eyes open for me….and my very pale husband.


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