Fresh starts all round…

There’s something exciting about the beginning of the school term isn’t there? During the holidays we had some great times and have memories to cherish but I also love ‘going back to school time’ for the feeling of optimism and  nip of Autumn in the air while it’s still bright outside. So, September is a fresh start for all of us:

Mean Teen: She’s just started at Urdang – the hip musical theatre college in London that spawns finalists in So You Think You Can Dance and high faluting, high kicking talents in the West End and on cruise ships across the world. I can’t help but feel proud that she’s one of 80 taken on from a huge 2,000 auditionees – the Mean Teen did good! I can’t get over what she told me about her first day when all the new students had to stand up one by one and say a bit about themselves as an introduction…she said she never knew you could get so much shimmying,sequins and orange foundation in one room – and that was just the boys!  Sounds like she’s right at home – a little drama queen among many big queens – and she’s loving it.

My Boy: is on the the first year of his GCSE course, in year 10 of the local comp. I’m just glad I waited until the day before he went back to get his uniform because in the six week’s holiday he’s grown about 3 inches, has a ghost of a moustache, acne and his FEET! Heavens – aside from the surprise of his gruff voice and never sated appetite – his FEET! size 11 and still growing – Coco The Clown comes to mind! But he’s happy to be back with ‘his boys’, a posse of pubescent pups. I’m just happy I had a call from his school – and rather than tell me he’s been put in detention for chatting/bunking/drawing willies on his work book – his teacher told me he is producing some fantastic work in science. Wow! That’s such a turn up for the books that I had  to double check that teacher was talking about the right boy before I yelped inwardly with glee…well done My Boy! keep it up…please.

Little Angel: A big Year 6 now and Yellow Team Captain! Wow, where does time go? It’s all panic and pandemonium in the playground now as us Year 6 mums contemplate the forthcoming senior school transition. Independent or State? Mixed or Girls Only? Then once you’ve decided, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the school of your choice. Blimey it’s a tough time. But us mums have decided it’s best not to let our angst rub off on our kids…best to keep it all normal for them. So while they sit there scratching their heads (not nits again) cramming non verbal/verbal reasoning papers and going over interview techniques with the tutor, we scramble off to the kitchen, put the kettle on (or pour a little glass of wine) and cross our fingers.

And then there’s me and Stressed Husband…our fresh start is our new business. He’s still got his building company, but we’ve started a property development company and since the kids have been back to school, I’ve been running over London on  a wild goose chase looking for properties that need updating/modernisation in the hope of finding a little gem that we can do up and sell on at a profit. It sounds easy but it’s flipping hard work – especially getting past those little barrow boy estate agents who keep blocking up my inbox and voicemail with properties that don’t meet even one of my criteria. Still…it’s an exciting thought that somewhere out there there’s a little property crying out for some TLC which will be just the beginning of what I hope will become a successful business. So, anyone know of any old wrecks that need doing up? Apart from me, that is.


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