We’ve done a scary thing!

Have had a magical and mad Summer and am a bit sad that it’s coming to an end but very excited (and trembly) about the future…this summer we have:

1. Sold our house

2. Gone to Spain for a lovely holiday

3. Packed trillions of boxes and moved into a rented house

4. Went mountain biking in the Alps

5. Came home and unpacked the boxes and started to get used to our new home.

It’s been a little hectic for the Writeonmum family, though not for Scary Teen I may add as she sauntered off to Ibiza with friends,home for a day then came to Malaga with us, then a day home and jetted off to L.A to stay with a very famous novelist in the Hollywood Hills! She’s best friend’s with said novelist’s grand-daughter and the stories she comes home with are enough to make me green with envy and wide eyed with awe! Why? How? I’m a forty something mum bought up in the rougher end of West London, how comes my eldest daughter looks, speaks and acts as if she’s been born with a silver spoon in her mouth and just has a knack of living a charmed lifestyle? I’m happy for her but secretly wish I had the opportunity to do the things she’s done at 16. But…that’s not all…

6. Most scarily of all, apart from selling our family home andleaving behind the security of being home owners to rent a smaller, though still lovely home, we are using the equity from our sale to fund a new business venture and are going into property developing. We aren’t completely mad because Stressed Husband is in the game and has a building business so he knows what he’s looking for and what to do when he finds it, but as he’s so busy with business number 1 that pays for Scary Teens lifestyle (God help us) that he’s put me in charge of setting up business number 2! I’m a writer not a builder – but I’ve been on Amazon and have a stack of books to help educate me in our new venture and I only hope that I can conjure up my inner Kirsty Allsop/Sarah Beeney (NOT Anthea Turner – yuck!) before our savings dwindle on secret shopping trips to Westfields.

Wish me luck!



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