Return of the Writeonmum

Hello reader/s. I wonder if I shouted out a big HEEEELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO would I receive an echo  greeting in return? I wouldn’t be surprised because my blog has been empty, empty, empty like a big echoey tunnel…But that’s all going to change because I’m BACK (read the next paragraph in that deep, American movie trailer man’s voice)

Yes…She’s Back! Bigger than before (due to copious jugs of sangria and platefuls of paella)

And she’s ready for blog action like you’ve never seen. There will be fun (with friends). Laughter (with Little Angel and My Boy). Tears (Scary Teen)  Anger (Scary Teen again) and hopfully…lovely comments!!

Writeonmum. Bigger and better than before….

COMING SOON to a blog near YOU!!!


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