Roll up, roll up…Writeonmum does a Carrie in SATC


Hello ladies and gentlemen – my fellow bloggers. Today, for your pleasure, I am going to do a Carrie from Sex And The City and am starting my blog with a question. Ok, so it’s not a NY newspaper column with a circulation of a billion but it’ll do for me.  I am sitting at my kitchen worktop, laptop open,  a la Carrie style – in my PJs – Primark specials. Therefore, I may not be quite as glam – or slim – as C and my vibe is more cut price Lidl London than Bloomingdales New York, but the question is just as intriguing as one of Carrie’s and will, I hope, bring just as much lively debate…So here goes…Head tilted at jaunty angle, little intense furrow on forehead, sexy little overbite…and we’re off…

What time is your wine time?

Do you have a special day or time that you pop that cork or do you go along with whatever mood you’re in to lead you to the fridge or not? And when you sip, is it a warming, full bodied red in winter and a crisp white or flirty rose in Summer? Is your wine of choice a fabulously expensive now and then treat or a daily apres kids bedtime routine get-it-down-your-neck-NOW Pinot?  Well? … are you pondering? You may ask  me a question back (once again in true Carrie style) such as ‘Why does she want to know?

I will answer that:

 I want to know because it’s a question I deliberate on every single day and I seriously hope I’m not the only mum out there that does because otherwise I’m wondering: do I need the number of the Priory?

It’s 4pm – a sunny school day – and I’m happily watching Little Angel bouncing on the trampoline from the kitchen window. I go to the fridge to start preparing a lovely, fresh salad to accompany the evening meal and what do I spy? A little fizzy Cava that Stressed Husband picked up in Sainsbury’s to placate me because I was still in a bad mood due to his on the whim poker night with hairy friends – in my house – that lasted until the early hours this morning. And they didn’t do a good job of clearing up! So. Do I open it now or wait until….when? At what time is  it acceptable to open a bottle of wine?  Well. I did open it because I wanted it, but I didn’t enjoy the little pop of ice cold bubbles as they ‘weeeeeeed’ down my oesophagus and splashed down to warm my tummy and send a delicious glow tingling throughout the rest of my body. No. Through guilt, I drunk the glass tight lipped and pushed down that feeling of liquid loveliness that was snaking through my body…I shouldn’t enjoy it…I don’t deserve to enjoy it because it’s toooooo early. Isn’t it?

As I went through the motions of shredding the lettuce, chopping the onions, I imagined Little Angel watching me,  then bouncing off the trampoline and rushing to the kitchen to pull the glass from my lips – saving me, letting me know that drinking at such a time was WRONG! Then, just like I imagined, she flew into the air, hit the deck and ran in….But instead of chastising me, with a massive smile on her face, she took my hand and panted breathlessly “C’mon mummy, bring your wine outside and watch me jump. It’s lovely outside!” I wanted to hold her close and say “But darling, you don’t deserve an awful mummy like me. I’m drinking wine at 4pm on a school day! And it’s wrong! ” There would be eyebrows raised on the yummy mummys all over W4 if they could see me now (and botox permitting of course). What sort of example was I setting my little girl? Biting my lip, I chucked the salad into a bowl, suspiciously eyed up my glass of fizzy as if it were an experienced seducer, enticing me away from my responsibilites as a ‘good mum’, leading me to the dark side of wanton decadence. But…

Me being Me of Little Willpower, I succumbed to its fizzy charms. As I sat in the garden watching Little Angel bouncing, gleefully whooping everytime she nearly fell off, I sipped my sparkly anxiously through gritted teeth and texted my best friend:

Am in gdn. 4.05pm and alrdy wine open. Am I a bad mum?

Quick as a flash she replied:

Cal jst out bath. Pooed hmslf at schl and denied smell 2 tchrs. So, poo encrusted and hd 2 use scrubng brsh to rmv. He is now crying cos bum sore. I am drinking wine 2!

So, girls…When is YOUR wine time?


2 thoughts on “Roll up, roll up…Writeonmum does a Carrie in SATC

  1. I start to crave at 4pm, and give in by 6pm, often balancing the glass on the basin while the children get out of the bath. 6pm was drummed into me as the ‘yardarm’ hour by my parents. However, I have a fond memory of bottles of Becks in the Slug & Lettuce with best friend and our newborns. Definitely well before 6pm because they kick out mums and babies at about 5pm. So if you’re a bad mum, hate to think what that makes me!

  2. Phew! Thanks for the reassurance. I remember my mum and dad with their weekly tipple of Blue Nun when we were watching The Sweeny on a Friday night – but it was their special treat. Wine drinking seems more of a daily habit for many of us now though doesn’t it?!

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