Forget Insania, I’ve got Listmania!


Lists, lists, lists…on my Blackberry, on various pads (one dinky handbag sized one that rolls around with my broken lip pencil and an old plaster in the bottom of my bag, one spiral bound one next to my laptop and a High School Musical one which was one of Little Angel’s many ‘all about me and my friends’ type books that I pilfered and now lies on the floor next to my bed peeping out from an ancient copy of the Kite Flyer which I haven’t read yet but keep meaning to – it’s on a to-do list somewhere.) And there’s the list on a little heart shape post-it pad stuck to my fridge…Oh, and switch on my laptop and up pops…a list of today’s meant-to-be-doings.

As in the words of the old BBC Points of View “Why, oh why, oh why” do I have so many sodding lists? Mainly it’s because I must dah dah dah dah – DE-CLUTTER! I know, New Year, new start and all that – there must be zillions of women running around like headless Kim and Aggie’s piling up things to ‘keep’, ‘mend’ and ‘chuck’ – I just can’t do it though! I go through drawers, cupboards and under beds and all I do is keep, keep, keep! I’m a hoarder whore and I can’t help it. And for some odd reason, I imagine writing lists of what needs to be done, will somehow magically make me do it, when in fact all it does is give me palpitations and make me sit there staring at the lists with my mouth open, dribbling and my eyes all agog…I’m getting sweaty palms just knowing that as soon as I finish writing this post, there’s a list to look at. Scary, scary lists – go away!

Oops, sorry about that…had a little freak out time, but have just made myself a coffee, tuned into Smooth radio (massage for my eardrums) and am now really about to start getting things sorted – my life, my house, my kids, my work, my body – my mind. But first I must…WRITE  A FLIPPING LIST!


2 thoughts on “Forget Insania, I’ve got Listmania!

  1. Hi newdaynewlesson – pleased to meet you! I sort of love the lists when I’m making them, but when they taunt me with the uncrossed ‘to-dos’ and give me nightmares – I hate them! Sadly, doesn’t stop me making more though…

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