Just what I always wanted…NOT!

Eeyoop Love!

What a great Christmas we’ve had. It’s been a megablast of fun and frolics – too much wine, food, laughter (well, you can never have enough of that) and dodgy mum-trying-to-look-funky dancing. It has to be done – sorry kids. So now, jeans undone (before the zip explodes) I am taking a breather to recover from the festivities – before more family members descend upon the Writeonmum household tomorrow and it all begins again…Hooray!

Stressed Husband (SH) and I decided we wouldn’t buy a pressie for each other this year as we are getting the house done up and the kids cost us a fortune – but I was pleasantly surprised when he did actually buy me a little something… a lovely bracelet – it wasn’t expensive, but it was very pretty and showed that he knows my taste exactly. My mum in law on the other hand bought me a pair of leopard print tights and a pair of large gold hooped earings with a little leopard print disc dangling from them. Blimey. I was speechless when I opened them and wondered whether perhaps I chanelled the dress sense of Bet Lynch whenever Mum in law visits? Either that or she gave me the wrong present and she’s given the landlady at her local pub something a tad more tasteful. I mean, I actually like a bit of leopard print, but maybe the odd flash of it on a scarf or a purse or something, just not full on look-at-home-on-the-Serengeti style.  I was talking about this with my mum when she turned up at ours  and we had a bit of a laugh about our worst pressie surprises over the years while waiting for my big (older, not fat) sister to arrive for dinner.  Just as mum jokily wondered whether I’d be the only 42 year old mum at the schoolgates wearing animal print tights, I opened the door to sis – sporting just the tights we were on about! “What are you two laughing about?” She asked. Oo-er!

Did you have any Christmas pressie surprises?


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