Looking Hot for Crimbo!

Don’t get me started about party frocks, party makeup and dropping the pounds for those up and coming festive frolicks…it all just confuses me! And that’s me, who used to be a beauty editor for some very well known women’s magazines. In those days it was just so simple – I had shelves and drawers groaning with beauty goodies – creams and scrubs, lippies and fake lashes – a wonderful Aladdin’s cave full of beauty knick knackery. With the right tools I knew I could look half decent at any Xmas do, but now, since the kids and stepping away from the glam world of beauty journalism, I just feel – and look – confused…and a bit like a mad bag lady. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was planning to fight the flab – but it seems I got k.o’d in the first round. I’m still a heavyweight. I haven’t really tried hard enough and these cold, dark days just don’t give me the buzz I need to get motivated. The only buzz I’m getting at the moment is a sugar one from too much chocolate and biscuit nibbling. I hoped that the cosy, warm clothes I’ve been wearing of late help to hide the damage, but I fear they just make me look porkier.  I’m not moaning though (well, not much…) and I’m not going to beat myself up over not getting slim in time for xmas – instead I’m going to work with what I’ve got – frizzy hair, wobbly spare tyre, slack jowls and supersize bum…hmm, what a start-up package. I’ve decided that feeling good about yourself now and not when you’ve dropped a stone, is the way to go. Besides, no one said thin equals happy did they?  Oh yeah, Kate Moss recently indicated that…and there was that anorexic moneybags who mentioned something about you can never be too skinny or too rich – I beg to differ – have you seen some of the skeletal celebs around at the moment?! No, forget that. I’m going to find ways of making myself feel and look better, with excess padding included.

First, to crank up my efforts, I’m going to book in for a self tan spray – the do say golden tanned fat looks better than pasty white fat – think about your up and coming turkey…how beautiful does it look all succulent and shimmery brown? Lovely! And while I was researching the best way to get a natural looking glow I came across this great little blog:


I will go now and think about all things inspired to make a fat bird (no not the turkey…me!) look dazzling, but in the meantime, if you have any mood boosting, body beautifying, face flattering beauty tips you’d like to share with me on my quest to be ‘ me only better’, do please tell !


4 thoughts on “Looking Hot for Crimbo!

  1. Sleep… If only. But in the real world, avocados really do seem to make a difference to my nails, hair and skin. I don’t believe all the ‘fattening’ stuff, prefering (not that I know anything about it) to believe that it’s the right kind of fat. Anyway, Vogel bread with mashed avocado on top is a fab and filling lunch.

    1. Ooh, lovely idea for lunch – I’d probably add some juicy tomatoes to that too with a dribble of balsamic vinegar. Thanks for your looking/feeling good tips – that’s a great healthy option to my usual peanut butter and jam on toast…I so agree with you about sleep. Don’t you find you automatically look 10 years older the next morning if you’ve had a bad night? Add a little Christmas hangover to the sleep deprivation and ‘hey presto!’ we have Anne Robinson pre cosmetic enhancements staring back at you in the mirror!

    1. Hello eastlondonwriter, thank you for your kind words. Yes, I was feelingfab, but didn’t start to actually look fab until my Cavabeer goggles were well and truly on…and then I looked beyoooootiful!

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