Skinny Minnie Moss is telling the truth…sort of!

Oh dear. I think I may have completely missed the point of the hysteria going on over Kate Moss’ seemingly ‘throw away’ comment when asked for her favourite mottos by fashion news website, WWD. Kate’s corker?  “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

But why are the papers going bonkers about it? Many implying that teenage girls are now more likely to be doomed to a life of eating disorders and will now all go out and starve themselves down to a size zero. Rubbish!  Ok, so I personally would’ve used the word ‘slim’ instead of skinny – and I own up to having used just that phrase (with slim, not skinny) in many a real life slimming feature I’ve written for some leading women’s magazines. It’s a stock phrase –  like ‘a second on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ – that has definitely been bandied about in the large slimming clubs for years without any comeback from the media. Because it’s true…it does feel great being slim.

 I used to write regular ‘before and after’ diet features and nearly every woman I interviewed who had lost weight, said they felt so much happier being slim. Truthfully, don’t you? I know I do. I live my life, like many women, weight yo-yo-ing up and down with a really annoying 14lbs which, when I manage to lose it after cutting back on wine, chocolate and pizza, makes me look and feel at least 5 years younger. But when it rears it’s wobbly head to declare to my jelly belly and bingo wings – “Honey, I’m hoooooome!” I feel ghastly. Just that little stone can make or break an outfit. With it gone – I wake up, slip into my skinny jeans, and mince around the shops oohing and ahhing about what I can wear now I’m without the extra lard. And I love how it takes half the time to get ready on a night out because I know that whatever I wear will look good – it doesn’t matter if I choose an outfit from the cheaper end of the High Street – when slim, it’s win-win. But when I’m fat…

It’s a different story: I’m grouchier, more slovenly, less interested in sex, more inclined to eat for comfort and it’s a horrible vicious circle. Fat…feel crap…eat to feel better…fat…feel crap…eat to feel better…you know how it goes. And again, that excess weight definitely makes a difference to what you wear – or what you feel comfortable wearing. I bring out the trusty big, suck it all in knickers, that Gok swears by (I love you Aunty Gok!)

 And they do work a bit, but at the end of the day, when they’re off and your flubber is cross stitched with red seam lines, it sort of puts a dampener on a possible night of passion. But, enough about my flab fight. Back to ‘what the hell has Kate done’ … 

I asked my teenager and her friends what they thought of Kate’s clanger and their responses were nearly all the same – “We don’t want to be size zero! We know that if you starve you will get skinny, but skinny’s not good if it means you can’t eat Oreos! ” Erm…maybe that’s just my daughter and her friends, but joking aside, they do all prefer being slim to overweight because it makes them feel better and they do all know girls who barely eat to stay stick-thin. But looking back to when I was a teenager – what’s changed?


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