The Thrill of the Blog

i-love-blogging4I began blogging because, as a very lazy part-time freelance ‘wimmin’s’ journo – I sort of felt I should. After all (turn away now Stressed Husband) it’s not as if I haven’t got the time, what with the kids at school all day. And Loose Women doesn’t start until 12.30. Plus, strangely (well, not really that strange considering I haven’t pitched any ideas to an ed since January), I haven’t exactly been inundated with editors pleading for my witty, informative and down to earth take on parenting or beauty. They’re my usual writing subjects: parenting cos I am one and beauty cos I want to be one. And I love the freebies. So, I reasoned that perhaps blogging would be good practice for my real job and give me the kick up the arse I need to get on with that novel gathering dust in the cobwebby ideas compartment of my mind. I was also intrigued by the rapturous daily updates from a fellow mummy blogger (you know who you are, hee hee) who would catch me up in the playground, eyes wide with excitement and exclaim “Oh. My. God! I’ve had almost 1,000 hits this week” She used a frenzied tone that would’ve been more at home with the words “Oh. My. God! I shagged Patrick Dempsey last night!” Wow, 1000 hits. She must give good blog I thought. And she does.

It got me thinking, there are so many Blog Trogs (could this little catch phrase become the new Fag Hags?) that it must be a good thing. So, I began my blog and I suddenly began to understand my fellow mummy blogger’s excitement…as I started each new entry, my eyes twitched, my mind whirred and it was as if sparks flew off the keyboard as ideas (which I realised happily, I could still conjure up) engaged with my finger tips and spilt out onto the white background of My Blog. So, even though I haven’t blogged for a while because I’ve been busy (yay, I got some paid writing to do) I will continue because, as you know, when you switch on your computer, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of that email telling you that you have a new comment. So please move over Mr Dempsey…My name is Writeonmum and I’m a Blog Trog!



5 thoughts on “The Thrill of the Blog

  1. Ooh err, glad to see you’re bloggering about again.

    You know I would never shag Patrick Dempsey – who is he anyway? Johnny Depp, now you’re talking but he’s taken….and you know I don’t get my hits out for everyone!

    Where’s my credit crunchista post huh?

    Ooh, did you see my botoxymoron post – you are the witness to my freak radar – yes, it’s you!!

    TTFN blog troll x

  2. Ha Ha! I know! THat was soooo funny. Fag in hand, clippy cloppy shoes with sticker on bottom. It was so bad it was gooooood! x

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