I’d like to do a Benjamin Button


Wondering what film to see yesterday, I looked on the internet and read some papers. There were mixed reviews about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and initially thought it was one to wait for until it went on DVD as it sounded too far fetched for Sunday afternoon viewing. But the more I thought about it, the more curious I became about how on earth they were going to make BB look like a gnarly old grave dodger and an uber handsome teenager in the same film without using another actor. Then I thought: Brad Pitt – rhymes with fit. Why not? But don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a detailed review – I’m no Barry Norman (more Barry from Eastenders, actually.)

So, me and Stressed Husband, My Boy and Little Angel sat through almost 3 hours of what I thought, was a gloriously emotional, and thought provoking film plus the prosthetics were incredible: As a young woman, Cate Blanchett had skin to die for – luminous and plump with cheekbones that could slice a steak and Tilda Swinton was well cast as an upper crust, 1940s bored wife who embarked on a romantic night time affair with a salty old seadog looking Brad Pitt. Brad’s adopted mum in the film, Queenie, played by Taraji P gave a heart warming performance. And Brad as BB? Well. What can I say? He played the part really well and looked hideous as a wrinkly old man baby, but as a young man? I came over all Harry Enfield’s pervy old ladies (oooh, young man! Lovely young man!) His taught, tanned body and skin, blonde toussled hair… if I was wearing glasses, they’d have steamed up.

On the way out My Boy said “Mum, what would you rather: be born a baby and grow old, like we do. Or, be like Benjamin Button and be born old and grow younger?” I replied “Well, I’d like to be like Benjamin Button, because by the time I get to be your age now, you’d be older than me and I’ll go round to your house, eat all of your food, leave all of the cupboards open, jump on your bed, answer you back and nag you for money every day.”  Stressed Dad thought that was funny. My Boy just said “You’re sad mum.” Hee Hee.


3 thoughts on “I’d like to do a Benjamin Button

  1. Fnar fnar! That’s funny. Do you know I never could see the fuss about Brad, but some weird hormones have kicked in and well, at the ripe old age of 4… I’ve decided he is in fact lush. But Patrick Dempsey is lusher 😉

  2. What a great film! I wasn’t quite sure about it being 8 year old material but I couldn’t resist the draw of Brad Pitt so we went anyway. Miniminx could just about cope with Benjamin in his heyday but as the spotty teenager just didn’t compare to Zac Efron – she was mightily impressed when he shouted ‘You haven’t given me my f*cking breakfast’ as a 7 year old though… I’d definitely watch it again – I love the man who got hit by lightning

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