High School Musical Snowman…


How weird is it that today’s magnificent snowfall has been a totally ‘stop the world’ moment? The kids are loving it – schools are closed and hot chocolates with marshmallows all round. I must admit, I’m having a (snow) ball too! As a freelancer, I haven’t got the excuse of the gnarled up commute to stop working, yet even with a couple of deadlines looming, I believe that snow this good deserves to be played with. Bring on the snow angels…work can wait.

Even stressed husband is rosy cheeked, building a Zac Efron out of snow (at the request of our HSM crazy youngest daughter.)  She’s chuckling away and as I watch them playing outside, I notice a glint in dad’s eye that’s been missing during the last few months of worrying credit crunch kerfuffle at work. My boy has been out since this morning playing in the park with friends instead of spending hours on World of Warcraft on the computer and even teenage daughter smiled today. And more remarkably, stopped clickety clacking away at MSN and joined her dad and little sis in the garden. Wonders will never cease. Me? Well, I’ve had snowball fights with stressed husband and laughed until my tummy ached today and feel all wonderfully tingly skinned and warm inside. I’m off to check on the development of Snowy Zac Efron and to see if I can add anything a little Sharpay to the mix…snow? It’s FABULOUS!


2 thoughts on “High School Musical Snowman…

  1. Yeah we miss it too. But bring on the sunshine now I say. I absolutely love Spring the best so I do hope we get a good one this year!

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